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Qualification and Validation of Visual Inspectors and Inspection Processes

Qualification and Validation of Visual Inspectors and Inspection Processes is a critical aspect within industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and quality control. It involves a systematic approach to ensuring that individuals performing visual inspections are well-trained, competent, and capable of detecting defects and deviations accurately. The process also extends to validating the inspection procedures and equipment used to maintain consistent and reliable inspection outcomes.

With our Cleaning Validation product RadiantPro™ customers have utilized as below









Success Stories

Akhil, a Quality Assurance Manager at a pharmaceutical company striving for excellence in product quality. Facing challenges in maintaining consistent and accurate visual inspections, Akhil turned to Pragvas Technologies and their groundbreaking solution, QUALInspector™. With QUALInspector™, Akhil found a comprehensive platform that revolutionized the qualification of visual inspectors. The system offered tailored training modules that covered defect recognition, inspection protocols, and industry-specific standards. Through interactive simulations and real-world scenarios, inspectors gained practical experience, boosting their confidence and expertise. The success story continued as QUALInspector™ introduced a unique performance evaluation module. This allowed Akhil to assess inspectors' skills objectively, measuring their accuracy and consistency. The system's intelligent analytics highlighted areas of improvement, enabling targeted coaching and refining inspector abilities. Documenting the qualification process was now effortless, thanks to QUALInspector™. The system automated record-keeping, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and easing audits. Through Pragvas Technologies' QUALInspector™, Akhil witnessed a transformative change. Inspectors became adept, confident, and their accuracy skyrocketed. The visual inspection process was elevated to new heights, leading to fewer defects and increased product integrity. Ultimately, Akhil's company thrived, gaining a reputation for uncompromising quality – all powered by the innovation and precision of QUALInspector™.