Process Validation

  • Validate the visual inspection process itself to ensure its effectiveness in detecting defects and maintaining product quality.
  • This involves determining appropriate inspection parameters, establishing appropriate acceptance criteria, and conducting validation studies.

 Data Integrity

  • Ensure the integrity of data generated during qualification and validation activities.
  • Use secure data management systems and follow good documentation practices to prevent data manipulation or loss.

 Qualification of the inspectors

  • It is done by conducting a well-documented, manual human inspection qualification that is accomplished by repeated manual inspection.
  • Well-defined defect standards, a detection frequency or probability of detection (POD) is assigned.

  Training and Qualification

  • Implement a robust training program for visual inspectors.
  • This includes training on relevant regulations, product knowledge, defect recognition, inspection techniques, and good documentation practices.
  • Keep detailed records of training activities and individual qualifications.

Success Stories

Meet Rohan, a In-Process Quality Assurance Manager at a pharmaceutical company facing the challenge of maintaining rigorous inspection standards for their products. Struggling with inconsistency in visual inspection outcomes, Rohan turned to Pragvas Technologies for a solution. Enter QUALInspector™, a revolutionary product designed to streamline and elevate the qualification of visual inspectors. With QUALInspector™, Rohan found the ultimate tool to transform their inspection process. The product offered a comprehensive training module that covered defect identification, inspection techniques, and real-world scenarios. This empowered their inspectors with a deep understanding of critical defect types and the confidence to make accurate assessments.


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  • August 11, 2023
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Pragvas to be Network partner for "3rd Annual Cleaning Validation 2023 - A Practical Approach"

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